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I have been using denitrifiers for over 15 yrs. and have found them to be very
benificial for long term nitrate removal. I run them on all my saltwater
systems. When I first started using them they used a bag filled with fluid. This
worked well but you had to refill the bag every month which was messy and
a little extra work. Now with the Aqua Medic we use solid food balls which
work even better and last for Yrs. depending on the load on the system.
Denitrifiers work well if run properly.I strongly recomend an ORP Monitor to run
one and know what it is doing inside without having to test all the time. Alot of
times people will wait until they have a nitrate problem and water changes
aren't helping because each time they do a water change they leave some
nitrate in the tank so the next time it is stronger and so on.If you already have a
heavy load on a tank do not expect a denitrifier to solve the problem right out of
the box. This is not a fast food joint.You must have patiance and let the bacteria
catch up with the load which could take months and you may still have to do the
water changes untill it is able to handle the load. For this reason I recomend
putting it on the tank at time of start up so it can build with the load just as the
bacteria that breaks down Ammonia and Nitrite which makes the Nitrate.